Chalk Bag Fund

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For over 26 years our gyms have been transforming the lives of our employees, lifelong members and guests, and the communities in which we operate. What makes our community unique and special is all of you, our members and our employees. 

In the last week, the support from our community has been overwhelming--thank you for your positive vibes! We are sixteen locations spread across five states with over 1,400+ employeesThese are unprecedented times and as the COVID-19 pandemic has intensified we have been doing our best to make sure that we’re taking care of our employees while our gyms are closed and we're asking you, our community to help. 

El-Cap_Auction_2020The Chalk Bag Fund

Want to know how you can help? Check out our online auction!

The Chalk Bag Fund is an auction created to support our climbing community in times of need during the COVID-19 outbreak. During our down time, we would like to offer a special opportunity for you while helping our employees!

Our online silent auction is filled with unique one-of-a-kind “in gym” experiences and awesome climbing gear packages that we've never offered before!

Check out these limited-time offerings before they close on April 21st.